'Stranger Things' board games are coming

As if binge-watching the new season of Stranger Things wasn’t going to cut into our trick-or-treating, now there’s this: Netflix and Hasbro have teamed up for a trio of board games inspired by the hit throwback series coming later this month. Here’s a sneak peek.

Stored in a box that channels Eleven’s favorite food, the Eggo Card Game ($14.99) allows two to five players to engage in an Uno-esque battle. Hasbro describes the gameplay thusly:

To begin, players choose to play as Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Eleven, Hopper, or Barb and draw four Eggo cards with a variety of suspenseful outcomes. Cards can either send a player’s character to the Upside Down, make an opponent draw two, reverse the order of play, summon the Demogorgon, or cause a rift that sends everyone who was Right-Side Up to the Upside Down, and vice versa! To win and escape the Upside Down, get rid of all your Eggo cards before the Demogorgon attacks or be toast!

For those seeking to contact loved ones trapped in the Upside Down… or the Great Beyond, there’s a new Ouija on the way. “Whether it’s Will’s welfare or tracking the Monster’s whereabouts, the included Ouija planchette will help you try to gather important answers and keep tabs on Hawkins, Indiana’s parallel dimension.” The $19.99 game is designed for two to six players.

Finally, and inevitably, there’s the Stranger Things verison of Monopoly for two to eight players ($24.99). There are four silver tokens based on key items from the show — bicycle, camera, television, and tennis shoe — as well as four gold, “flipped” versions of each token from the Upside Down. Locations on the board include Steve’s Pool, Hawkins High School, Mike’s Basement, and the Demogorgon’s Nest.

Thanks, Hasbro. Now, how about a Stranger Things-themed Dungeons & Dragons for Season 3?

Stranger Things Season 2 will be released Oct. 27 on Netflix.

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