Story of Starved and Neglected Mare and Foal Rescued From Auction Tugs at Our Heartstrings

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We're so happy these wonderful people gave them a second chance.

Animals can feel pain and suffering the same as any person. When people engage in animal abuse and neglect, they are willingly causing extreme distress to another living being. One woman is doing her part to provide abused animals with a better existence and sharing her journey with the internet.

TikTok user @sweetmerciesrescueranch recently shared a video about a mare, Lola, and foal, Lenny, that she rescued from an auction after seeing clear signs of abuse and malnourishment. This kind woman saved these two horses from further trauma and is giving them the life they deserve on her ranch. Check out the video to see their story that is guaranteed to make you emotional.

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OMG, we cannot believe how neglected these horses were before they were rescued. We are so happy Lola and Lenny have landed at a farm where they will receive the love and care they deserve!

People in the comments are very emotional over these horses' story. @__jadexox said, "I’m crying. I’m so glad you saved mom and baby. They are healthy, thriving, and being loved the way they deserved. My heart." Another user, @one_inna_milly, commented, "Why don’t the owners get in trouble (at the auction) for letting them get that way. It doesn’t happen over night. Years of suffering!" We need justice for Lola and Lenny!

Others expressed their gratitude for Lola and Lenny's rescuer. @collech25 commented, "Thank you for rescuing! How can any human being with a heart allow an animal to get to such a poor state?" and @karleighgirlxx said, "Thank you so much for giving them a second chance at a better life, you are angels." People like Lola and Lenny's rescuer are very special, and they are deserving of all the praise.

We will never understand how people who abuse animals can live with themselves. All living beings have emotions and feelings, and animals suffer the same as any human would in similar conditions. We are thankful for those like the creator who rescue animals and give them the happy lives they deserve.

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