StockX Will Charge Sellers Shipping Fees Starting Next Month

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A pile of StockX authentication tags. Image via StockX
A pile of StockX authentication tags. Image via StockX

The same day Ebay announced its own fee increase for sneaker sales, competitor StockX has also made a change that will affect sellers beginning next month.

In an email to sellers, StockX said it will add a $4 shipping fee for all single-item shipments. According to the email, the change is being made to address cost increases across the company’s network.

While the fee will apply to all single-item shipments, sellers who are Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5 tiers are able to take advantage of bulk shipping items including sneakers, shoes, apparel, and trading cards. The shipping fee will be waived for bulk shipments.

Currently, Level 1 StockX sellers are charged a 10 percent base fee which drops to as low as 8 percent depending on their amount of quarterly sales. Level 4 and Level 4 sellers who manage to ship 60 percent of sales in a given month within 36 hours and/or 95 percent of sales on time can see fees drop to as low as 6 percent.  There is also a 3 percent payment processing fee.

Despite the new shipping cost for sellers, StockX’s overall seller fees will remain in line with its competition. GOAT charges a 9.5 percent seller fee and $5 shipping, while Ebay currently charges 8 percent and will soon to be increasing to 12.5 percent for sales of $150 or less.

The new fee will impact any new Asks created on or after October 4. Existing Asks will not be charged the fee.

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