Sting’s Son Comments On Being Involved In Sting’s Last Match At AEW Revolution

Sting AEW Revolution
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Sting‘s son Garrett comments on being involved in his father’s last match.

Sting’s sons Garrett and Steve Jr. were involved in Sting’s last match at AEW Revolution. There, “The Icon” and Darby Allin defended the AEW World Tag Team Championship against The Young Bucks. Steve Jr. and Garrett participated in Sting’s entrance, as they came out dressed up as past versions of Sting. They also got physically involved by hitting the Bucks with Stinger splashes.

Garrett has a YouTube channel where he makes videos about Destiny 2. In a new post, he explained why he had not been posting as many videos on his YouTube channel recently.

Sting’s Son Says AEW Revolution Was The Coolest Night Of His Life

Garrett’s full message is as follows:

“Alright, it’s time for an update and a bit of a reveal. Last night, my dad, Sting, retired from his completely legendary pro wrestling career. My brother and I got to play a small part of his final match as younger versions of his character. I’ve got the American outfit, my brother has the red (or, Surfer Sting and Wolfpack Sting for any wrestling fans!)

“It was absolutely insane, and by far the coolest night of my entire life. The admiration and love from the fans toward my dad made me even more proud of him than I already am. So, this is obviously why I’ve been a bit absent the past month or so. I was largely focused on looking as good as possible for the show, so lots of hours that would have been spent grinding Destiny were instead spent in the gym haha. All that to say, thanks for being patient. I can’t wait to upload again soon, and I’ll for sure try to do a recap video that goes more in depth on this weekend.”

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