Steven Seagal, Ponytail Turn 60

Steven Seagal, the ponytailed action star of the '90s, is turning 60 years old.

The master of the monotone one-liner was born on April 10, 1952 in Lansing, Michigan. Seagal has starred in a slew of martial arts movies, many of which had three-word titles. "Above the Law." "Hard to Kill." "Marked for Death." "Out for Justice." And the list goes on. While his status as an A-lister faded as his hairline receded, Seagal is still very much in the public eye.

He currently stars in "True Justice," a fictional Seattle-based cop show (what else?) that airs on ReelzChannel. Several years back, he headlined "Steven Seagal: Lawman," a bizarre reality series in which he was a real enforcer of the law in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Sample line from the show: "My name's Steven Seagal. That’s right. Steven Seagal, deputy sheriff."

Watch a clip from Seagal's current TV show, "True Justice":

Longtime fans of Seagal know him as a man of many passions. In addition to acting and martial arts, Seagal, a dedicated Buddhist, has recorded several albums. His "Songs from the Crystal Cave" earned two and half stars out of five from "Seagal's singing is a tad flat, but it's got some emotion going and it's believable," the review says. The critic calls the "Buddhist overtones... refreshing because they don't beat you over the head but still come across as optimistic, while still being rooted in personal responsibility."

But it hasn't all been sweet music for Seagal. Several years ago, he was embroiled in a legal mess with the FBI. Seagal said the Feds insinuated that he was associated with organized crime. As a result, Seagal contended, the quality of the scripts he was offered took a nosedive. Seagal was never charged.

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Seagal hasn't been afraid to poke fun at himself and his reputation as a somewhat paunchy pugilist. His roles in "Machete" and "The Onion Movie" were delightfully self aware. He's shown up on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "The View," and "Piers Morgan Tonight." But don't think that he won't mix it up with challengers. When Morgan asked Seagal what happens to people who test his skills as a fighter, Seagal, a seventh-degree blackbelt, responded, as deadpan as ever, "Bad things."

Happy birthday to the man, the myth, the legend, the Seagal. Here's a video rundown of who reigns supreme: Seagal or fellow '90s action star Jean-Claude Van Damme: