Steve Maclin Would Love To See TNA Running Weekly Live TV Shows Again

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Steve Maclin is happy with the direction TNA Wrestling is going in. However, there’s still more the company can do to reach even greater heights.

Maclin recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard about the wave of positive momentum TNA has been riding for months. Maclin said everyone, from the roster to production and management, is all working towards the same goal.

He noted that it’d be great to see TNA doing live weekly shows again, but seeing where TNA goes next is just as exciting.

“That just speaks volumes of the company with Anthem and AXS TV. And just everything behind the scenes. From the producers to everybody that works, the lighting, cameras, just everything. Everybody with this rebrand took it very seriously and that’s where we’re trying to get this place to is just keep building and building. Hopefully one day, [we get back to] weekly TV. We don’t know. I would like that,” Maclin noted. “I would love for us to be live each week to fill up the houses more. For everybody to have the spotlight on TNA and everybody talking about TNA like they are. Just not this tight little bubble.”

Where next?

Maclin said he wants to burst that bubble so that TNA can grow outside of it. He said that outside talent always hears what a great atmosphere TNA is, and it’s something he’s experienced since arriving three years ago.

“Just going from that little studio we had in Nashville, and now traveling all over the world and now getting out there. And now being in Windsor again this week, going back to the Palms [for Rebellion in April],” Maclin explained. “I don’t know where [Bound For Glory] or [Slammiversary] is going to be yet but just, I’m excited for where those venues are going to be.

“Because that just makes me get excited for, ‘Where to next? What town next? Where are we going to, where are we going to steal the show and make this brand even better? Where am I going to go out and make people buy my shirt?’ You know what I mean? I love looking out into the crowd, and as much as people hate me, I still see fans wearing my T-shirt in the middle of the crowd and I love that. That just lets me know that I am doing something right. That lets me know that TNA is doing something right.”

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