Steve Harvey on His Favorite Dumb 'Feud' Answers and His 'W-T-F Face'

From “cupine” to “Texas, Steve! TEXAS!,” each week Family Feud and Celebrity Family Feud give America’s blood relatives (and symbolic “families”) the chance to humiliate themselves on national TV as they make seriously dumb attempts at answering simple surveys. And Steve Harvey is loving every minute of it.

When Yahoo TV caught up with him on the set of ABC’s Celebrity Family Feud, he counted down the most memorable moronic responses on the two versions of Feud. He also explained why some Northern families that come on the hit game show end up seeming so "out of touch,” while the Southern born-and-bred are more likely to bring their A game (and in this case, “A” is for “absurdity”). Harvey also gives a name to his iconic — and earnest — frozen facial reaction to the biggest boneheaded answers: “the W-T-F Face.”

Celebrity Family Feud airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.