Steve Harvey Defends President Trump: ‘You Have to Respect the Office’

·Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

A few weeks ago Snoop Dogg and the band BadBadNotGood released a music video depicting the mock assassination of Donald Trump. Later the commander in chief tweeted out that Snoop was a failing artist, which caused Bow Wow and T.I. to come to Snoop’s defense — and also mock Trump. Now comedian Steve Harvey, who infamously met with President Trump last year, went on his radio show to give his two cents about all of this.

He said, “I love Snoop. That’s my dude man. We always cordial and respectful of one another. Bow Wow, always cordial and respectful of one another. Me and T.I., have no problem with T.I., ya know what I’m saying? I love the dude. But I’m just saying, brothers, be smart now, be smart.”

He continued by asking people to start respecting President Trump. “There is an office in this country called the president, and you have to respect the office. You really do, whether you want to or not.”

Steve, however, believed that Bow Wow went too far when he threatened Melania Trump in a since-deleted tweet. “Leave the first lady out of this. I’m tellin’ ya’ll. You’re going down another path with these cats now. You start messin’ with their wives, man, I’m tellin ya.”

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