Steve Buscemi dresses as his meme-launching 'How do you do, fellow kids?' 30 Rock character for Halloween

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30 Rock

If you happened to be trick-or-treating in Brooklyn on Sunday night, you might have heard a familiar phrase: "How do you do, fellow kids?"

And if you did, the man uttering it was likely Steve Buscemi.

The Boardwalk Empire actor was seen handing out candy in his Park Slope neighborhood during Halloween, but it wasn't Buscemi casually giving sugar highs to the crowds of revelers that made people stop and take notice: It was the fact that he was dressed as one of his own most beloved television characters.

Wearing a red tracksuit, a backward cap, and a shirt that said "Music Band," skateboard in two, Buscemi was dressed as his undercover alter ego from 30 Rock, sporting the same outfit he wore when he popped up on the show — you know, the one that sparked an internet meme for the ages.

30 Rock
30 Rock

Ali Goldstein/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images Steve Buscemi on '30 Rock,' the cameo that launched a thousand memes.

In a 2012 episode of the NBC comedy called "The Private Investigator," Buscemi played a character who attempted — and failed — to blend in with a crew of younger high school students by using the phrase "how do you do, fellow kids?" And according to tweets from fellow trick-or-treaters, he was more than game to appease his fans and pose for some selfies.

Buscemi recently participated in a 25th anniversary screening of Fargo at the Tribeca Film Festival, revealing it was the first time he'd seen the award-winning 1996 film in years.

"I've seen it since [it was released], but it's been a while," he said. "It was great — it looks great, it sounds great."

Watch Buscemi's memorable turn on 30 Rock above.

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