Stephen "tWitch" Boss Reveals the No. 1 Thing He Will Miss About The Ellen DeGeneres Show

You may want to grab some tissues!

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is signing off for the last time after 19 seasons on May 26. And in an E! News exclusive interview, Stephen "tWitch" Boss—who has served as the talk show's DJ for nine years—revealed the No. 1 thing he will miss about the show: "the laughs."

"Ellen [DeGeneres] and I have a bunch of inside jokes that happened during the show," tWitch told E! News at Fox's 2022 UpFront. "We just laugh and laugh and laugh."

The So You Think You Can Dance alum said that he will also miss "shining a light on people that might not have had a platform like normal people doing super extraordinary things."

And tWitch wants that legacy to continue: "I really hope that we will see a lot more places, whether it be in talk show form or what, shining a light on ordinary people doing incredible things for people in order to help them because it's bigger than us."

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And for tWitch, "The Ellen Show coming to an end is the end of such a good era."

"[The show] completely changed my life and also just gave me such family and such friendship," he explained. "That's unforgettable."

The dancer noted that while "it's celebratory, it's a little sad, because I'm gonna miss everybody."

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Thankfully tWitch isn't leaving our small screens.

He now serves on the judges panel of Fox's So You Think You Can Dance alongside Matthew Morrison and JoJo Siwa and says that Ellen and her wife Portia de Rossi are welcome to stop by anytime.

He shared, "They are season pass holders if they ever want to come to So You Think You Can Dance."

Say goodbye to The Ellen DeGeneres Show when the series finale airs May 26.

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