Stephen Colbert Reveals 'Ominous' Sign Trump's About To Step Out On His Biggest Fans

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Stephen Colbert said Facebook parent company Meta’s decision to restore former President Donald Trump’s account is “punishment for all of us.”

But there are some people who might be punished in an unexpected way: investors in Trump’s struggling Truth Social platform, as well as the supporters who joined the website at his urging.

The ex-president has an exclusive deal with his platform that’s set to expire in June, and Colbert noted that he reportedly does not want to renew it. The late-night host noted a post from Trump thanking his platform “for doing such an incredible job” and saying its future is “unlimited.”

“He is so outta there,” Colbert said. “That’s as ominous as getting this card from your dad: ’Happy birthday, Carson. You and your mom are going to achieve such great things. Just stepping out for a pack of smokes. Don’t wait up. Your future is unlimited!”

See more in his Thursday night “Late Show” monologue: