Stephen Colbert on Nikki Haley: ‘She folded like a paper plate on chilli night’

<span>Stephen Colbert: ‘Alito’s second wife better watch her back.’</span><span>Photograph: YouTube</span>
Stephen Colbert: ‘Alito’s second wife better watch her back.’Photograph: YouTube

On the Late Show, Stephen Colbert brought up news that daily marijuana use has now started to top daily drinking in the US. “Some may be surprised by this but as a New Yorker, I am not,” he said. “I smoke weed every single day whether I want to or not … on the sidewalk, literally everywhere I go.”

He did add that drinking overall was still greater, giving his congratulations to drinkers, “you still have the biggest problem”.

He joked that alcohol manufacturers were so worried that they changed their slogan from “please drink responsibly to please drink”.

Colbert went on to speak about the supreme court justice Samuel Alito who came under fire for having an upside-down American flag outside his house after January 6 which signalled support for the riot. He then “took the high road and blamed his wife”.

But this week it emerged that there was also a second flag outside a different house of Alito’s to which Colbert quipped: “Alito’s second wife better watch her back.”

The second is an “Appeal to Heaven” flag, which is a push to remake American government in Christian terms, something also advocated by the author Dutch Sheets, a name that Colbert said is also used “when you fart over the covers”.

He also spoke about Nikki Haley now admitting that she would be voting for Trump after previously saying she was against him. “She folded like a paper plate on chilli night,” he said.

This week also saw Trump guest on a rightwing radio show where he claimed that Biden’s camp wanted to bring in tables for the next debate so they could sit, something he opposes. “I can see why he would want to stand because you sit him at a table and two seconds later, he is out cold,” he joked.

A controversial post on Trump’s Truth Social account made reference to the “unified reich”, which was then blamed on one of his staffers who is also in possession of a portable printer to make hard copies of mood-boosting news articles for the former president.

Colbert joked that she should print them on a “slice of baloney” to please him.