Stephen Colbert and Mindy Kaling address their rumored beef: 'We're the new Kanye-Pete'

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On Monday's The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, host Stephen Colbert addressed his rumored beef with Mindy Kaling.

Kaling, who is best known for her Emmy-winning work on The Office, as well as creating and starring in the critically acclaimed The Mindy Project, has, in recent years, been promoting the coming-of-age Netflix series Never Have I Ever, which she created and produces. She has appeared on The Late Show numerous times and, based on conversations Colbert and Kaling had on his show, headlines have been published portraying something of a tense relationship between the two.

Colbert pointed out examples of headlines that read, "Mindy Kaling calls out Colbert's 'unprofessional behavior' as Mindy Project guest star," "Mindy Kaling mercilessly roasts Stephen Colbert after his Apple watch cuts her off" and "The controversial reason Stephen Colbert had to apologize to Mindy Kaling." However, when Colbert read them out loud with Kaling on Monday, the two couldn't help but laugh about it.

"Mindy, let's settle that last one. Do you and I have beef?" asked Colbert, to which Kaling replied, "We're the new Kanye-Pete," referring, of course, to the ongoing beef between Kanye West and Pete Davidson.

Though, at one point, Kaling didn't disagree, as she pointed out to Colbert, "I mean, if I had to really examine it, I do think there have been things that you've done." In response to that, Colbert pointed a finger right back at Kaling, saying, "Well they didn't say anything about you talking s*** about me at the Emmys last year! You called me a messy bitch on stage at the Emmys last year!"

"Wait, that's true," realized Kaling, who added, "You know what? Forget this. We do have a problem!" Colbert followed with: "We do! And I said, 'Takes one to know one!'"

So in the end Colbert and Kaling realized — maybe they do have beef?

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