Stephen Colbert Jokes Trump NYC Trial Is in ‘The City That Never Sleeps – Unless You’re Donald Trump’ | Video

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Stephen Colbert devoted a goodly amount of time in his Thursday night monologue to the ongoing criminal trial over the hush money Donald Trump paid to keep his sexual relationship with former porn star Stormy Daniels a secret in 2016.

And at the start, Colbert had a pretty fun pun, joking that Thursday’s proceedings were “day three of the hush money trial here in New York, New York, the city that never sleeps – unless you’re Donald Trump in a courtroom.”

This was, of course, a reference to how Trump has repeatedly fallen asleep in court. By now, we assume you’re familiar.

But Colbert noted that this week has been devoted to jury selection, and there have been some issues thanks to the unusual decision by reporters at the New York Times and Washington Post, among other outlets, to report incredibly personal details about potential jurors.

“They had a really productive day today. Matter of fact, right before I came out here do the show, we learned that a full jury has now been picked for Donald Trump’s New York trial. Plus, one alternate has been seated,” Colbert explained. “Now this doesn’t mean they’re done, right. They’re not done yet, because they still need five more alternates, and they could still lose the jurors that they’ve got.”

Colbert talked about how one potential juror “told the judge that people in her life had figured out she’d been selected. And then … started to try to influence her. That frustrated Judge Merchan, who admonished the press for reporting juror descriptions and gave this example: ‘There was really no need to mention that one of the jurors had an Irish accent,'” Colbert said.

“That’s true. That little detail allowed me to positively identify him as the Lucky Charms guy,” he continued.

There’s more, and you can watch the full monologue, above.

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