Stephen Colbert and James Corden speak out following Les Moonves exit

Following the news that CBS CEO Leslie Moonves had stepped down just hours after the New Yorker published Ronan Farrow’s second exposé featuring more women accusing Moonves of sexual harassment and assault, The Late Show host Stephen Colbert went in on his former boss.

Monday night’s episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert opened with an announcement that “Undercover Boss starring Leslie Moonves will not be shown. It was accidentally sealed into a stainless steel container, which was then inadvertently fired into the heart of the sun. We regret the error.” Colbert then began his opening monologue with, “You may have heard, the head of this network, Leslie Moonves, was forced to step down yesterday.”

Colbert joked about Moonves being targeted by Farrow a second time. “It’s never a good sign when you’re the subject of a Ronan Farrow double dip,” he said, adding that “the new article has some disturbing allegations.” But the host kept it light as he spoke about one woman’s report that Moonves left his office to get a glass of wine and came back “not wearing pants, and was aroused.” “Wow,” Colbert said. “That’s an impressive way to open a bottle of wine.” He concluded by saying, “Anyway, the article is extremely disturbing, and I’m not surprised that that’s it. Les Moonves is gone — for at least nine months, until he does a set at the Comedy Cellar.”

While Colbert came at Moonves from a comedic angle, on The Late Late Show, James Corden took a more somber approach.

“A late night host’s job is to come out and make jokes about the news, but sometimes that news isn’t very funny,” Corden said. “It’s been a very difficult day here at CBS, but that pales in comparison to how difficult it must be for the many women who are coming forward. They are being listened to, and they are being heard. And it’s only by listening to these stories that we as a society can make sure the corporate culture that has been exposed in this last year or so may never be allowed to return.”

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