Stephen Colbert holds a ‘presidential intervention’ for Trump

Despite the debacle that was the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki, President Trump will be inviting Russian President Vladimir Putin to Washington for a second round. After learning this, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert held a “presidential intervention.” As on the TV show Intervention, where friends and family try to persuade loved ones to give up drugs, Colbert pulled out a letter and tried to get Trump to quit Putin.

Colbert began by trying to appeal to Trump’s sensibilitie: “Your friend Vladimir? He’s not really your friend, OK?” You’re doing what he wants because you think it’s fun, but what you don’t realize is, if you ever step out of line, he’s going to show the world that you’re a big dirty clown who loves the pee-pee.”

Colbert gave Trump some alternatives to being chummy with Putin. “Instead of sucking up to dictators, we want you to find a safer hobby — like volcano parkour, or shark dentistry, or heroin,” Colbert said.

Colbert also advised Trump that they have somewhere for him to go. “We’ve got a facility waiting for you,” he said. “You can go there anytime, and we’ll pay for it. Paul Manafort’s already there.”

For those needing a refresher, Paul Manafort is Trump’s former campaign manager who is currently in jail awaiting trial on multiple charges.

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