Steam is reportedly adding features to let you limit play time and hide games from your friends

 Steam Deck review.
Steam Deck review.

Steam is reportedly working on a feature that will let users seemingly hide games you're playing from other users.

Earlier today, SteamDB creator Pavil Djundik took to Twitter to claim new knowledge of a feature on the storefront from Valve. Apparently, the developer is working on a feature that will let users hide a game that they're playing, so their friends on Steam can't see them playing it.

"Now i can finally play hentai games without having to worry," one responder writes on Twitter, in a comment that we can confidently say we saw coming from a mile away. If you want to hide certain games from your friends for less nefarious reasons, then this news should appeal to you.

Last week though, the same SteamDB dataminer also claimed knowledge of several other features. New parental controls are also reportedly on the way for Steam users, meaning you'll be able to set daily playtime and purchase restrictions for your children. In the latter case, a child would have to request permission for a purchase from their parent.

These are all nice new features, even if Steam is yet to confirm their existence. They'd be following relatively hot on the heels of the internet tab overlay update for Steam, which launched earlier this year, finally giving players the ability to lay web browser pages over their Steam games while they ran in the background.

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