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IF YOU'VE BEEN watching X-Men '97, the thought has probably crossed your mind at least once: what would it be like to be part of the team?

The answer is very, very dangerous, if the show is any indication. But it doesn't make it any less fun to think about having superpowers and wondering what a real school for extraordinary people would look like.

In the Marvel Comics, the X-Men are all mutants, humans with a special gene that gives them abilities. To stay safe and learn more about themselves, they all live under the roof of Charles Xavier, one of the most powerful mutants of all. And since there are a lot of mutants, Xavier needs an estate that's private, but also big enough to house an innumerable amount of people. His Westchester, New York mansion is a staple in the comics, particularly because of its "danger room" where the X-Men go to test their powers and create life-or-death scenarios to improve their coordination as a team.

Throughout both X-Men: The Animated Series and X-Men '97, we've also learned of a few other notable places within the home, like Beast's lab, where he always finds a scientific explanation to the threats the X-Men encounter. Or the War Room, where leader Cyclops plans the team's missions.

Well, you can officially make your dream reality with a new experience thanks to Airbnb. The short-term stay platform created the X-Men Mansion so that fans can actually stay overnight. Here's how you can book your stay.

The Airbnb X-Men mansion is available to book now.

But there's a catch. According to Time Out, you can book your stay with preferred dates and number of guests, but it's up to Airbnb to randomly select guests from a pool of applicants. If you're lucky, you'll get to stay in the Westchester 4 bedroom and see Jubilee's room, Wolverine's room, Beast's lab, and the Danger Room. Plus, you'll walk away with a diploma and your very own mutant powers.

Booking closes May 13, and it's $97 per night.

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You can also view the mansion during the day.

In case you can't get an overnight booking, there's also a 2-hour version of the experience you can book starting May 9.

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