Time Travel, Twitter, and Tighty Whities: Stars Ask Stars Questions at Comic-Con

Part of the job of being a television star is answering a steady stream of questions from eager fans and journalists. But it’s rare — and therefore exciting — when the stars themselves get to ask the questions. So Yahoo TV and Yahoo Movies gave that opportunity to some of your favorite TV and film stars when we sat down with them at Comic-Con International last month.

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The cast of the horror flick Lights Out kicked off the chain, asking the Orphan Black ensemble whether the show’s star, Tatiana Maslany, has become “more schizophrenic” since joining the series, which requires her to play multiple clones with strikingly different personalities every episode. “I think the answer is, ‘Yes, she has,’” Maslany’s acting double, Kathryn Alexandre, confirms. It’s a diagnosis echoed by Kristian Bruun, who plays the husband of one of those clones, Alison Hendrix. “All I know is that when I call her for about the first month after the season wraps, she answers as a different clone every time!”

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Bruun and his co-stars then posed a question to Will Arnett that’s guaranteed to thrill the heart of any Orphan Black and/or BoJack Horseman fans: Can they guest-star on an episode of Netflix’s cult animated series? You’ll have to watch the video to hear his answer, as well as some of the other great questions the casts of Gotham, The Walking Dead, and Riverdale posed to each other. Turns out stars really are just like us: They love asking their favorite actors questions.

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