Stargirl: What Was Your Favorite Fight in 'The Melee at the Mahkent House'?

This week’s DC’s Stargirl — its fifth-to-least episode ever! — could not go without proper mention, given the major developments and multiple fights that took place, plus one wonderfully random DC cameo.

After asking her fellow JSA members for their blessing, Courtney (played by Bec Bassinger) went to tell Cameron (Hunter Sansone) not only that she is Stargirl (and Rick is Hourman, etc;), but also share the truth behind his father Jordan’s death.

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Cameron was curious to hear about dad’s demise, having been fed the spin that he died while trying to make the world a better place, but before Court could get the words out, Grandma Mahkent aka Lily (Kay Galvin) barged in to point a finger at Cameron’s girlfriend. (Grandma was already on edge that day, having earlier projected an icicle into art teacher Mr. Deisinger’s chest, all because he asked about Cameron bailing on his hobby.)

Rick/”24-Hourman” (Cameron Gellman) also (and literally) crashes the proceedings, bursting through the living room’s wall after Beth’s goggles determined that the town-wide surveillance was based out of the Mahkent manse.

As Yolanda/Wild Cat (Yvette Monreal) herself bounded into the house, and Beth’s parents taught her to activate the heretofore-latent “Combat Mode” of her Doctor Mid-Nite costume, the stage was set for three different face-offs.

Rick vs. Cameron served to surface the greater extent of the latter’s powers, as he hurled icy blasts at his foe, laid down slick footing to slide around on, and apparently enjoyed his own degree of indestructibility.

Wild Cat vs. Grandma….. I mean, what can I say? No one had this on their DC’s Stargirl bingo card, and you kinda had to think the show would dodge at the last second and have Lily go toe-to-toe with Yolanda. And yet she did, in a hallway fight abundant with icy blasts that Wild Cat gymnastically eluded. Thankfully, though I feared it was coming, we didn’t quite get Grandma doing handsprings down the hall toward her foe, though there was a smidgen of hand-to-hand combat between teen and older person that didn’t look entirely laughable. Oh, and Artemis (Stella Smith) showed up to a hand at the end.

Doctor Mid-Nite vs. Grandpa aka Sofus (Jim France) was an unexpected treat, especially since Yolanda had just dismissed Beth involvement in the home invasion with a “Fighting isn’t your thing.” It was great to see cast member Anjelika Washington finally get in on the actual action, even if Beth’s opponent petered out pretty quickly, then succumbed to a heart attack (which Doctor Mid-Nite’s defibrillator gloves hopefully averted).

Courtney, alas, got boxed out of “fight night” after being knocked over early on, leaving her to only meekly announce to her bf that Hourman is classmate Rick. She never summoned Cosmo (who presumably is with Starman), or overtly ID’d herself as Stargirl.

Returning to the main event… Rick at one point had Cameron lifted up off the ground, choking him at the throat, and despite Court’s pleas for mercy. It was only an icy chill that Cam sent down Rick’s arm that prevented his death. Cameron then bested Hourman, using a massive, icy blast to burrow him inside the interior staircase. But Sofus stumbled forth with his plea for Cameron to focus on “love,” not hate, before wife Lily could compel her grandson to, well, “Finish him!”

What was your favorite fight from Episode 3×09? Weigh in below!

Stargirl 3x09
Stargirl 3x09

Capping this week’s eventful hour, Mike, Jakeem and Thunderbolt’s search for Cindy led them to a remote farmhouse where they found, no, not a girl with an alligator acne problem, but… the albino gorilla version of Ultra-Humanite! (Again, who could have predicted that one?) Is he the mighty beast behind the Gambler’s death and Sylvester’s pummeling outside the trailer home? And were the Mahkents actually behind the Blue Valley surveillance?

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