Starfield players just want their crewmates to get out the dang way

 Starfield companions vasco.
Starfield companions vasco.

Despite the 1,000 explorable planets and seemingly endless side quests, Starfield’s universe can sometimes be extremely narrow. I mean that literally. The corridors in several space stations and ships are normally wide enough to fit only one person, which obviously leads to issues when you have fellow friendos following you. And now players have one simple request to crew mates: move out the dang way.

Redditor prorules recently posted a video on the space epic’s main subreddit, showing a cramped corridor stuffed with multiple NPCs. “I want to show how it’s actually done, as I am a professional and have been training months,” prorules states. The resulting video has the player expertly sprinting in a straight line for seconds until the NPCs awkwardly shift and shuffle, seemingly remembering that standing perfectly still in a corridor isn’t what they’re programmed to do.

One nifty commenter, kabflash, shared their quick trick to getting rid of any human blockages in corridors: “I just melee them with my weapon, moves them out of the way real quick.” I can imagine that unloading some bullets works just as well, although you might want to be careful about whom you attack. Crew members will take the hit and forget that anything happened. Random city folk clogging up doorways? They’ll certainly call the space cops.

The biggest offender in Starfield has been the Constellation’s big and bulky robo-companion: Vasco. He’s essentially built like a box that’s somehow grown appendages spewing in every angle, and as you can imagine, players have been begging it to move aside since launch.

Should Vasco or any other companion clog up corridors indefinitely, then there are some more advanced tricks to move them. Reconfiguring your ship’s rooms and corridors is one way to budge someone aside. You could always send Vasco to a remote outpost on, I don’t know, the furthest planet from the Settled Systems where it’ll never bother anyone ever again. Just a suggestion.

Starfield recently won the Xbox Game of the Year Award at the Golden Joysticks, even though players have been criticizing the game for being “way too PG-13.”