A Starbucks employee just shared a 'creepy' secret about the chain's drive-thru

A TikTok user is blowing minds with a new Starbucks drive-thru “secret”. The reveal, which is the latest in a string of surprising drive-thru information, comes courtesy of a user named Zander. His clip shows why your conversations with the employee taking your order are actually not that private. As Zander’s clip shows, nearly every Starbucks employee is wearing a headset during their shift. Those headsets, he claims, are all connected to the same channel — all the time. Basically, Zander’s point is that the entire staff can hear you in the Starbucks drive-thru. So, every failed joke, awkward exchange or botched pronunciation of espresso con panna gets heard by everyone. The reveal, coupled with Zander’s earlier video explaining how baristas can actually watch you ordering on camera, took many TikTok users by surprise