'Star Wars: The Musical': We Should Have Seen This Coming

·Content Producer

All our fears about Disney’s 2012 purchase of Lucasfilm are now fully operational in the form of Star Wars: The Musical, a short fan tribute/nightmare that combines the Jedi story we know and love with Mouse House tunes we know and love. It’s as if millions of lounge singers suddenly cried out in terror: “I can show you the force!” (Sung to the tune of Aladdin's “A Whole New World.”)

Admittedly, for a fan film, Star Wars: The Musical looks pretty darn good. The filmmakers spent a year and half shooting “entirely on green screen with multi-planer hand painted backdrops in the Disney animated tradition,” as the YouTube post attests. And we respect the fact that “dedicated fans and film professionals came together to create the ultimate love letter to their favorite fandoms,” as the film’s website says. But as Jar Jar Binks, The Star Wars Holiday Special, and Dancing Boba Fett have all shown us, too much hokeyness greatly diminishes the power of the Dark Side.

However, we’re still forever fine with Bill Murray as Nic Winters the lounge singer, crooning his rendition of the Star Wars theme.  Now that’s really hot.