'Star Wars' Shoes: Put the Force on Your Feet For 40th Anniversary

Whether it’s for a Death Star run or a walk around the block, these are the shoes Star Wars fans will be looking for in a matter of days.

As the 40th anniversary celebration for A New Hope, rolls on, a new line of canvas footwear inspired by George Lucas‘s original 1977 space opera is ready to launch from shoemaker Sperry, which released a popular Jaws-themed collection last year. Arriving Aug. 10, the Star Wars x Sperry collection features five styles that run the gamut from the light side to the dark side with seminal designs, images, and iconography from the film — and Yahoo Movies has your first look right here.

Cloud Slip-On McQuarrie: These shoes are adorned by the classic concept art by legendary Star Wars designer Ralph McQuarrie, whose art helped create the look of the saga. The right shoe features a design for the X-wing fighter, while the left is an early visualization of the film’s climactic lightsaber battle between Darth Vader and a character then known as Deak Starkiller.

Cloud Slip-On Droids: Now you can walk a mile in C-3PO and R2-D2‘s shoes. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Cloud Slip-On Han/Chewie: Slip on these beauties and you can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, too.

Cloud CVO Rebel Pilot: Riffing on the orange flight suits worn by Luke Skywalker and his fellow fighter pilots, this style includes the Rebel sigil, while the silver-and-yellow heel stripe is inspired by Luke’s helmet.

Cloud CVO Death Star: Channel your inner Sith lord with these shoes, featuring the Imperial insignia; the green accent is a subtle reference to the ultimate battle station’s planet-destroying superlaser.

Each pair will cost $75 and will be available in a range of unisex sizes at sperry.com, Sperry brick-and-mortar locations, and select retailers.

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