Why 'Star Wars' Icon Mark Hamill Really Hates Trailer for 'Cast Away' (and Most Other Movies)

Mark Hamill loves The Last Jedi’s trailer. Cast Away or Kong: Skull Island‘s… not so much.

Yahoo Movies caught up with Luke Skywalker at Star Wars Celebration Orlando last week and we asked him what he thought of the first preview of the latest sequel. “I loved it,” Hamill told us, adding that he was especially happy that director Rian Johnson kept fans guessing. And with that, the (maybe?) last Jedi launched into a rant, which you can watch above, about his disdain for spoilers and trailers that give too much away.

“I don’t like spoilers,” Hamill said. “How many trailers do you see where you go, ‘What’s left? They told us the whole story.'”

Hamill pointed to a trailer for Tom Hanks’s 2000 movie Cast Away, which revealed large chunks of the story. “They show everything but him walking off into the sunset,” he said before noting another example. “The most recent one is King Kong.

“I think less is more, and if I can, I’ll close my eyes in trailers.”

Hamill traces his animus of spoilers to his sisters, who once ruined his birthday by announcing his present weeks early. “[I was] so mad, because I like surprises.”

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