Watch Chewbacca answer burning fan questions about Han Solo, Rey, his missing medal, and more

Smuggler. Resistance fighter. War hero. Wookiee. And now, interview subject.

Yahoo Entertainment had the honor this week of welcoming one of the universe’s most important figures to our Los Angeles studios: Chewbacca of Star Wars. Though we are merely scruffy nerd-herders in his impressive wake, Kashyyyk’s favorite son sat down with us to answer burning questions from his legion of fans.

Over the course of our lengthy chat, we got Chewie’s deep thoughts on the Battle of Yavin and his missing medal, how Rey’s piloting skills stack up against the legendary Han Solo’s, and what the best long-term strategy is when competing against an astromech in a game of Dejarik. And reckless as it may be, we even dared to ask Chewie exactly how many arms have been pulled out as the result of Dejarik losses. Make sure you watch the video above!

Solo: A Star Wars Story is available on digital HD video and arrives Sept. 25 on Blu-ray and DVD.

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