'Star Trek Beyond' crew assemble in Fleet Command game footage

The voices aren’t there, but their faces sure are. The main characters of Star Trek Beyond, including Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto’s Spock, beam down to Star Trek Fleet Command, a new mobile strategy game from Scopely and CBS Interactive dropping on smart devices this Thursday.

EW has an exclusive look at the Enterprise crew reassembled in footage and still shots from the installment, which brings about a prequel story set in the Kelvin universe (that would be the universe of the J.J. Abrams films, for those who don’t speak Trek).

According to Mike Johnson, a writer on the game, “It starts just before Star Trek Beyond. Our story will encompass the events of Beyond, and then we’ll go… beyond Beyond.”

Fleet Command, as previewed in the announcement trailer and gameplay footage, dives deeper into the conflict between the Klingon, Federation, and Romulan factions. Simon Pegg’s Scotty is one of the first characters you encounter in the game, which brings you to deep space to battle warring fleets, maintain your own ship’s resources, take on various missions, and interact with characters from the Trek-verse.

It’s an open world that’s ready to be explored.

Other familiar figures returning include Zoe Saldana’s Uhura, John Cho’s Sulu, Karl Urban’s Bones, Deep Roy’s Keenser, and Eric Bana’s Nero (the villain from the first Abrams-directed Star Trek).

Each are seen in a series of stills from their character profiles in the game, but the gameplay footage also points to a few other names from canon, like avatars for Klingon leader Kang and Chancellor Gorkon.

Rob Gelick, Executive Vice President and General Manager at CBS Entertainment Digital and CBS Interactive, explains fans can “decide their own fate in a vibrant galaxy full of epic ships and iconic characters.”

“By bringing a massive multiplayer universe to mobile devices,” he says, “Star Trek Fleet Command expands the franchise in a bold new way.”

The game will be available this Thursday through the App Store and Google Play.