Stanley Tucci's Negroni tutorial goes viral: 'The last man in the world to wear real pants and a belt'

As alcohol sales rise during the coronavirus pandemic, there might be an uptick in Negroni ingredients thanks to Stanley Tucci. The Devil Wears Prada star has been trending on social media for his quarantini masterclass that has some people thirsty in more ways than one. Felicity Blunt — Emily Blunt's sister — filmed her husband as he whipped up his version of the Italian cocktail all while wearing real clothes.

"We're going to make a Negroni up. Mostly people have Negronis on the rocks and I think actually they're quite nice up," Tucci began as he put a "fair amount of ice" in a shaker.

Stanley Tucci makes wife Felicity Blunt a Negroni in quarantine and people go wild.
Stanley Tucci makes wife Felicity Blunt a Negroni in quarantine and people go wild. (Photo: Getty Images)

"Then what you want is a double shot of gin," he continued. "If you don't like gin, you can use vodka."

However, Tucci encouraged people to put a little bit of gin in there, at least "on the top." He added a shot of Campari and a shot of sweet vermouth, but told people to use "good sweet vermouth."

"You don't want to use, like, Martini. You know, that brand Martini?" Tucci told the camera, waving his finger "no."

Tucci shook it all together for about 10 seconds before pouring it in a coupe glass and garnishing the cocktail with a "pre-sliced" orange.

"That's good," he smiled after tasting his creation. Tucci said those who don't like it up can pour the same recipe over ice.

Someone shared the video on Twitter and it quickly took off, amassing over 2.7 million views and counting. Chris Evans chimed in and called Tucci "an absolute gem," revealing the actor would make people martinis on the set of Captain America.

Tucci's video has people freaking out.

Happy Tuesday!

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