Stan Lee Sends Sweet Message to 'Suicide Squad' Director

It’s been a rough week for director David Ayer and his movie, Suicide Squad. The film has been reviled by critics, and it looks like it might follow the path of its fellow DC movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, i.e., a great opening weekend followed by rapidly diminishing returns and a thousand takes on why the movie didn’t work.

But Ayer can take some solace — in a kind word from comic book legend, Stan Lee. Earlier at the Suicide Squad world premiere, Ayer shouted to the audience, “F*** Marvel!” Kind of harmless, a little competition never hurt anyone. Nonetheless, Ayer felt the need to apologize, saying: “Sorry about getting caught up in the moment and saying, ‘F*** Marvel.’ Someone said it. I echoed. Not cool. Respect for my brother filmmakers.”

But here’s the thing: Lee actually liked it. He tweeted to Ayer: “Don’t feel too bad about dropping the f bomb. It’s a compliment of the highest order!” Lee then linked to this video he made all the way back in 2012. In that video, Lee said, “Why is F U considered an insult? It’s the most exotic, exquisite experience you can have. If somebody says ‘F U’ to me, I feel like saying, ‘Thank you. Thank you for wishing such a wonderful thing to me.’”

Ayer saw the legend’s tweet and replied, “You’re The Man sir. You made my childhood a nicer place!” Aww, happy ending. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad week for Ayer after all.

Watch David Ayer and Jared Leto talk about the Joker in Suicide Squad:

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