St Bernard Brings Younger Sister for Stroll on a Leash

A nine-week-old puppy named Arya Bailey was taken for her daily stroll by her older brother, one-year-old Moose, near their home in Kaplan, Louisiana, on March 16.

Their owner, Jace Allen Marceaux, captured footage of the pair before sharing it on Facebook.

Speaking to Storyful, Marceaux explained that Moose, weighing over 150 pounds, immediately fell in love when the owner recently introduced him to his new sister.

“They came from an amazing breeder in Menton, Alabama,” he said.

“My wife and I drove eight hours one-way to pick them up,” he added.

“When we got Moose, we completely fell in love and knew we had to have another one. A female this time.” Credit: Jace Allen Marceaux via Storyful