Squid Game's Hwang Dong-hyuk teases Leonardo DiCaprio's potential entrance into the Netflix series

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Hwang Dong-hyuk and Leonardo DiCaprio
Hwang Dong-hyuk and Leonardo DiCaprio

Now that Squid Game has made it through its first Emmy season with six awards in hand, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk is now looking toward the future of the thriller series. With a bigger budget from daddy Netflix for season two and a probable renewal for season three, Hwang says Hollywood stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio (who’s a “big fan” of the show) may join Squid Game as the high-stakes, anti-capitalist show progresses.

“Maybe if time allows and if chances allow we should ask him to join the game,” Hwang said in a special post-Emmys press conference, per Deadline. “We have already joked about that.”

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Hwang is currently in the throes of writing the second season, which will take place in Korea and once again feature primarily actors from the country, including the newly christened Emmy-winner Lee Jung-Jae. In the press conference, the writer-creator shares he’s “feeling the pressure” after the resounding success of the first season, but this only serves as good “motivation.”

In spite of these minimal teasers, Hwang really wants everyone, including the press, to help keep a lid on potential spoilers and games featured in the second season, even if that means saving him from himself.

“I beg you not to write articles about the games because the audience needs to feel the suspense and thrill of what’s coming next,” he said, before adding: “If I get too drunk and babble, I ask you to suffocate me to stop me from giving spoilers.”

Season two of Squid Game is set to enter production next year and arrive on Netflix in 2024. In the meantime, Netflix is working on the Squid Game reality series. But don’t worry, Hwang previously assuaged our fears by telling us it’s not the harbinger of the apocalypse.