‘Squid Game’ Creator Teases Season 2 Character Appearances

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Finally, some concrete details about Squid Game season 2.

After the Korean thriller series became a worldwide sleeper sensation, delivering a season two became a no-brainer for Netflix. For the past six months-plus, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has pulled double duty, campaigning for the first season throughout both the winter awards circuit and now the summer TV season while writing a second season of the drama it took him 12 years to bring to life.

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And now, Netflix has officially greenlighted the second season, along with some specifics about who we’ll actually see, via a letter from Hwang and released by the streamer (mild spoilers for the global few who haven’t yet watched the show): Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), of course, as the winner and sole survivor of the titular games, as well as the mysterious Front Man, revealed as superstar Lee Byung-hun, who operates the competition.

In addition, Hwang teases the possible return of a fan-favorite cameo: beloved Korean leading man Gong Yoo, who played the anonymous recruiter who lures desperate people into the game via the traditional Korean card-flipping game of ddakji.

And finally, Hwang promises a new threat: “You’ll also be introduced to Young-hee’s boyfriend, Cheol-su.” Although never named as such in the show, Korean viewers of a certain age will recognize Young-hee as the name of the little-girl character in their childhood textbooks, whose image was terrifyingly reappropriated as the larger-than-life animatronic figure during the deadly game of “Red Light, Green Light.” In the textbooks, Young-hee shared adventures with a little boy, named Cheol-su.

Netflix also has released the first official teaser art for the second season, a close-up of the eye of an animatronic figure (likely Cheol-su), with a glowing red “2” in the iris:

. - Credit: Courtesy of Netflix
. - Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Courtesy of Netflix

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