‘Spotify Wrapped’ Is Here And Music Listeners Are Bringing The Memes!

The holidays have come early for Spotify subscribers!

The streaming service's annual list of users' most streamed tracks was released on Wednesday, November 30th, and listeners have taken to social media to celebrate their lists. Music fans know their tastes; many listeners weren't afraid to call themselves out with jokes and self-deprecating memes on Twitter! The excitement is palpable; the Spotify Wrapped hashtag has been steadily trending on the app all day!

Even celebs have gotten in on the fun! Musical legend Dionne Warwick acknowledged the event, sharing a hilarious tweet for those Spotify subscribers who have listened to hours and hours of her music in 2022!

Come along as we take a look at some of the funniest memes and reactions to Spotify Wrapped's release!

Spotify Wrapped Is Officially 'Unwrapped' For 2022!

spotify 2
spotify 2

Spotify Wrapped has become one of the most highly-anticipated events in music for the last several years. Its influence has also greatly impacted the music industry as well; the platform released a summary of its biggest achievements in 2022 on Wednesday.

According to the platform's press release, Bad Bunny achieved the award for the most globally streamed artist for the second year in a row.

Just under Bad Bunny came one of the year's biggest pop stars, Ms. Taylor Swift, whose tenth album broke records on the streaming service within 24 hours of its October release.

Swift was also the most streamed artist in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, The Philippines, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore, and Slovenia!

Drake slid in right under Swift in third place; earlier this month, we speculated over whether Drake had shaded Swift on social media earlier this month as she occupied the top slot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Drake had claimed seven out of the top ten slots at the time!

The Weeknd came in fourth place for the platform's most streamed artist of the year. He and Drake both decided against respectively submitting their songs for Grammys consideration, according to our report on the matter from last month.

BTS came in like 'dynamite'; the K-pop group, who are currently on hiatus, snagged the fifth spot.

Harry Styles' blockbuster success "As It Was," from his third solo album "Harry's House," achieved the accolade for the biggest globally streamed song.

Glass Animals' "Heat Wave," which experienced some success on TikTok earlier this year, became the second most globally streamed song for the year.

Self-Aware Fans Get Silly With Their Spotify Wrapped Report!

There are undoubtedly a number of Spotify subscribers out there who agree with the refrain from Swift's global smash song "Anti Hero" when it comes to their listening habits!

One user tweeted, "spotify wrapped isn't enough, i want an excel spreadsheet of my listening habits."

They aren't alone!

"before spotify wrapped comes out, y'all gotta realize i went through approximately 20 personality changes and am not responsible for whatever song I looped for seven hours," a self-aware listener tweeted.

"I think spotify wrapped this year should have a category for 'songs you obsessively looped for a week and then never touched again," a clever fan suggested.

As we mentioned before, Mrs. Dionne Warwick chimed in on Spotify Wrapped's release, with a great piece of advice, if we do say so ourselves!

"If I am on your Spotify wrapped let me know. Most of my songs are sad and I'm hoping you're okay. We can talk about it," she tweeted.

Swifties also had a big day on the platform!

One Swift-devotee posted two photos from Swift's "Anti-Hero" music video and tweeted, "Pretending to be shocked when I open my Spotify Wrapped and see my top artist."

"time to scroll people's spotify wrapped on Instagram and find the secret swifties," a stealthy Twitter user wrote.

"imagine u died on spotify wrapped day and your friends had to figure out what to post on their story first," a listener pondered.

"Everyone posting their Spotify wrapped but all I want is to be wrapped in a blanket and held," one listener tweeted, reaching for the heartstrings.

"some of you Care way too much about your Spotify Wrapped when you should be Wrapping a girl up in your arms and making her feel loved and Cared for and telling her she has a special Spot in your heart," a listener reminded their fellow music fans.

Spotify Wrapped is now available for users to stream. If you're unable to see your list- don't worry! Users can rectify the issue by making sure they have the mobile version of Spotify. (per Inquirer)