Spotify Wrapped 2023: How to see your stats and what to do if it won't load

Are you ready for the most anticipated event of the year? No, I'm not talking about Christmas or New Year's — it's finally time to find out what artists topped your Spotify Wrapped list!

The popular music streaming app shows users a fun look back at the songs, artists and albums that filled their ears for the year. Categories include your top songs, top artists, favorite music genres and podcasts.

It also includes stats like how many times you streamed your favorite songs and how many minutes you spent listening overall.

Spotify even puts your favorites from each year into a special playlist so you can look back on years past.

Here's everything to know about Spotify Wrapped 2023, including what to do if yours won't load.

What date is Spotify Wrapped 2023?

In years past, the annual Spotify Wrapped dropped on Dec. 1. Last year, users got to see their year in review a day earlier than usual.

This year, Spotify came out even earlier on Wednesday, Nov. 29! The head honchos over at Spotify kept the official release date under tight wraps but kept hitting on social media that it was coming sooner rather than later.

When does Spotify Wrapped stop tracking for 2023?

Spotify begins tracking your year on Jan. 1 and goes through about October, typically.

Last year Spotify stopped collecting data on Oct. 31, 2022. This year, Spotify confirmed via an X post on Oct. 26 that Wrapped would keep counting past Halloween.

How far past Halloween? That was not shared.

How do I find my Spotify Wrapped 2023?

Spotify will deliver your Wrapped stats in a fun and funky slideshow illustrating your year in music.

When you open your Spotify app, there will be a tab up top along with "music", "podcasts" and "audiobooks" that simply says "Wrapped." Click on the tab and it'll open a slideshow of your stats from the year.

Each category will have its own slide showing how many minutes you listened, how many streams per song and artist and will sync your results with the music that made your year.

Spotify will then place all of your most listened songs from the year in a playlist so you can go on a trip down memory lane any time you want.

Why isn't my Spotify Wrapped showing up 2023?

Don't get too worked up if your Spotify Wrapped hasn't shown up for you yet! With millions of users being handed personalized data in a single day there are bound to be a few hiccups and delays.

Make sure you have the latest version of the Spotify app; this is the main reason you may not be seeing your stats.

While Spotify should show up as a banner or tab option in the app, if yours isn't showing up try searching for it in the search bar. Try typing in "2023 Wrapped" to get it to pull up manually.

Finally, if it's still not showing up, try going to Spotify's website in a browser window. Head to and click on the button "download Spotify" where it will take you directly to your wrapped roundup.

Is Spotify Wrapped for premium only?

Just like every other streaming service, Spotify has a basic and premium plan for users. While both get a Spotify Wrapped every year, those with a premium plan get additional personalized data like the number of artists they discovered that year and their top new artist from the year.

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