Spotify Users Create Algorithm Based Festival Through Instafest App

As the season of music lists, rankings, recaps, and debates unfolds, University of Southern California student Anshay Saboo took the annual activity a step further with her application named Instafest, which allows Spotify users to curate their own festival lineups through the use of their personal algorithms.

Upon linking one’s Spotify account to Instafest’s software, the latter produces a graphic for a festival titled after his or her Spotify username. The three headliners and 33 subsequent artists are decided by the frequency at which one listens to an artist. There are customizable settings for the time period of analysis, graphic color, and festival name before the user can then save and share their graphic.

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Instafest isn’t the first app of its kind, as there was previously Receiptify. Receiptify assesses musical statistics similarly to Instafest, but instead displays the results in the form of a grocery store receipt. These come years after the highly popular, Spotify-exclusive feature called Wrapped. Since 2016, the green app has been letting listeners know their top five artists of the year, top five songs, top genres, and more.

The app also creates Wrapped playlists for its users so they can return to the soundtrack of any of the last six years at any time. Spotify Wrapped has been the subject of many funny memes over the years, especially in fueling the fandom wars between Spotify and Apple Music users. Time will tell how Apple responds.

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