SPIN’s Untitled Twitch Stream Kicks Off 2021 With Video Games, Ska-Punk Supergroups, and More

Josh Chesler
·1 min read

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Seeing as next week will be that weird time when the holidays are over and everyone has to go back to work even if they don’t want to, we’re going to make things just a little bit easier by bringing some fantastic new livestreams to you on Twitch. Hopefully you tuned in for all of our holiday programming the last couple of weeks, and now it’s finally time to leave 2020 in the dust.

SPIN’s Untitled Twitch Stream starts things off next week with a gaming session with shotty on Tuesday, and then we get into performances from ska-punk supergroup the Inevitables on Thursday and ManDancing to close the week. It’ll be a whirlwind of excitement as the world gets back into the swing of things, so you won’t want to miss out.

Stay up to date with new info via our Twitter and Instagram, and of course you can still go back to Twitch and watch any of the holiday performances and parties you missed over the last week or two. While you’re there, following and/or subscribing to SPIN on Twitch (you get a free subscription with Amazon Prime) will get you notified ahead of every show, as well as a whole bunch of other benefits. Make sure you tune in to twitch.tv/spinmag at the set times below.

  • Tuesday, January 5 @ 4pm PT / 7pm ET – shotty

  • Thursday, January 7 @ 1pm PT / 4pm ET – The Inevitables

  • Friday, January 8 @ 4pm PT / 7pm ET – ManDancing

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