SPIN Recap: Splash House 2021

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The highly anticipated, multi-weekend festival in Palm Springs is fundamentally a giant pool party. Mix in sold-out hotels, after-hours parties, and world-class electronic headliners and you get Splash House. The colorful, sun-soaked weekend event spanned the Renaissance, Saguaro, and Margaritaville hotels and festival-goers took over the pool areas and booked out the rooms to decorate their hotel balconies with their slogans, flags and streamers. Desert heat baked the valley until about 5 PM daily, when the balmy breezes and shade of the palm trees brought the temperature down to a comfortable warmth. Splash House is an unforgettable bucket list event that appeals to those even on the outskirts of the electronic and house genre fandoms.

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SG Lewis

SG Lewis by Gina Joy for Splash House

Credit: SG Lewis by Gina Joy for Splash House

Margaritaville-deep house, dance, electronic

SG Lewis is a crowd favorite, his style is effortless and he’s one of those laid-back, “everyone’s best friend” type of people. The deep house and dance set was groovy, funky and lively, SG weaving in his own crowd favorites in transitions with punched-up classics. The crowd was very alive and hung on every note as the sunset performance descended into evening. Cannons in the front of the stage propelled jets of water into the pool to the beat drops, adding a special touch of wet, whimsical funk that is a hallmark of Splash House. Spurred by screams of encore, SG played well past his set time and closed out a hot Saturday in the desert with a satisfying bang.

San Holo

San Holo by Gina Joy for Splash House

Credit: San Holo by Gina Joy for Splash House

Margaritaville-trap, future bass, ambient

San Holo closed the Margaritaville stage to a packed crowd and an outpouring of applause. Casual and genuine, San Holo wore a white baseball cap and an off-white t-shirt with the confidence of a DJ who knows his fans came to hear his original production. San Holo played an eclectic mix of hip-hop including Trippie Red, Drake and a snippet of “4 Da Trap” by 645AR. San Holo’s unique and beautiful way of blending songs and genres during his live sets gave a new perspective on hit songs and what the electronic genre could be that night.


Rossy by Gina Joy for Splash House

Credit: Rossy by Gina Joy for Splash House

Margaritaville-trap, future bass, classical components.

Before she hit the stage, Rossy announced she was “dialing back the trap” before her Splash House set. With bright pink hair, dressed in a T-shirt, and covered with tattoos, Rossy is a friendly and down-to-earth musician who spent her time off-stage wrangling her friends and breathlessly taking interviews. But when she hit the stage her energy was undeniable, a bass house, trap-infused set that felt like a celebration of summer.

Tsu Nami

Tsu Nami by Gina Joy for Splash House

Credit: Tsu Nami by Gina Joy for Splash House

Margaritaville- dance/ electronic

Tsu Nami is intentional with her music. Gaining the inspiration to be an asian woman in music from seeing TokiMonsta in high school, Tsu Nami is making a name for people who look like her in electronic music. Taking the stage in pink crocs with charms in her namesake and a bright pink patterned jumpsuit, Tsu Nami makes a statement, she’s here to stay. In the full embodiment of her music, Tsu Nami danced and jumped along to her set, cueing her fans to do the same. The set was a beautiful, high-impact mix of throwbacks, trap and seamless transitions that made the crowd go wild over and over again.

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