Watch Footage of James Bond Throwing Down in Mexico City for 'SPECTRE's Opening Scene (Spoilers)

First thing’s first: Don’t read this story if you don’t want to have a bit of the next James Bond film, SPECTRE, spoiled for you. But if you do want to see some new footage of the film’s shoot in Mexico and don’t mind knowing how a few minutes of the movie goes down, watch the video above ASAP.

The team at Yahoo Movies UK recently visited the set in Mexico City, where director Sam Mendes staged a traditional Day of the Dead parade seven months early. Bond may be having fun at first, but when he spots two baddies from afar, he has to revert back to indestructible 007 status and chase them down — which of course brings with it running, gunfire, explosions, and helicopter getaways.

The film shot in Mexico in March, in part because the country was offering some pretty significant financial incentives to bring the production to its capital. The Mexican government was reportedly concerned about how the country would be portrayed. “I know they want to see — they would love to see — Mexico in a good light and we are not here to put Mexico in a bad light,” producer Michael Wilson said recently.

The trip also provided the opportunity to cast the first-ever Mexican Bond Girl: Stephanie Sigman, a 27-year-old veteran actress of mostly local productions.

Click over to Yahoo Movies UK for more details about the shoot, including photos of stunts and the 1500 extras who crowded the streets for the parade.

Spectre hits theaters on November 6. Watch the teaser trailer below: