Special Needs Lambs Form 'Bromance' and Help Each Other Heal at California Farm Sanctuary

Kelli Bender
·2 min read

Squid and Otto might be the world's sweetest valentines.

The special needs lambs were both saved from the meat industry by their health challenges, which also landed them at Farm Sanctuary — the country's first farm animal sanctuary and advocacy organization.

Otto arrived at the Farm Sanctuary's California facility after being born weak and unable to nurse from his mother. Labeled a "bummer lamb," Otto was rejected by the meat farm where he was born and rescued by a woman who rehabs lambs like Otto. She got Otto to Farm Sanctuary, where the little animal was able to receive expert vet care.

A visit to the medical experts at UC Davis revealed that Otto has irreversible neurological issues that affect his ability to eat. Doctors recommended pairing Otto with another lamb in hopes that Otto would learn by example how to eat and drink on his own.

Courtesy Farm Sanctuary

This is where Squid steps in. He arrived at Farm Sanctuary after breaking his rear leg, which ended his future as a show animal. Due to his injury, Squid now gets around in a custom wheelchair and was ready to roll when Otto arrived. The duo became fast friends and soon the "Squotto" bromance was born, according to Farm Sanctuary.

Courtesy Farm Sanctuary

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After spending some time with Squid, Otto has learned how to drink on his own and is working on sharing meals with his BFF. Both lambs love having someone to share their day with.

If you are smitten with this duo's love story, you can support the pair by symbolically adopting them. This sponsorship gift will go towards Squid and Otto's extensive care, and to care of the many other animals that call Farm Sanctuary home.

Courtesy Farm Sanctuary

Animal lovers can learn more about the beautiful relationships that form between critters at Farm Sanctuary by joining the Better Together: Valentine's Day at Farm Sanctuary event. The free, virtual event will take participants behind-the-scenes at Farm Sanctuary's facilities in New York and California, where they will meet some of the farms' cutest couples.