Savannah Chrisley exits 'Special Forces' in episode featuring highly emotional moments for grieving Bode Miller and Kelly Rizzo

It was a rough night both physically and emotionally for the celebrity recruits on "World's Toughest Test."

Savannah Chrisley voluntarily withdrew from 'Special Forces: The World's Toughest Test,
Savannah Chrisley voluntarily withdrew from Special Forces: World's Toughest Test, citing concerns for the two siblings to whom she is the legal guardian. (Fox)
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Yet another tough moment took place on Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test Monday, and it had nothing to do with the military-style challenges the cast members face but rather a conversation about late loved ones involving Bode Miller and Kelly Rizzo.

The show, which began its second season a few weeks ago, started with 14 celebrities trying to get through training exercises that are used in the U.S. Special Forces selection process and led by a team of ex-Special Forces operatives known as directing staff agents. The only way “recruits” leave is by giving up on their own, injury or being removed by the directing staff.

Now just three weeks in, the group has been nearly cut in half to eight, after another three left the show on Monday. Here’s a look at who said goodbye, and who had an emotional episode away from the challenges.

Hard conversations

In what was a casual conversation about kids among the group, 45-year-old Olympic alpine skiing champ Miller opened up about his eight children, and mentioned that one of them had passed away. Some didn’t know and offered their sympathies while Miller, with tears beginning to roll down his face, told the story of how his 19-month-old daughter Emmy let herself out the back door and wandered into a neighbor’s pool where she drowned.

“That was brutal,” Miller said of the event that happened in June of 2018.

Olympic skier Bode Miller prepares for a challenge in which recruits free-fall backward and head first into pitch-black, ice-cold water. (Fox)
Olympic skier Bode Miller prepares for a challenge in which recruits free-fall backward and head first into pitch-black, ice-cold water. (Fox)

When asked by Bachelor star Nick Viall how Miller deals with something like that, the Olympian responded with, “It does not go away.”

Rizzo, who lost her husband Bob Saget in January of last year, became emotional hearing Miller’s story and chimed in about dealing with grief and loss.

“It’s such a weird thing I never knew until, you know, you grieve, is that you feel guilty for feeling happy,” she said, with Miller agreeing. “Or if you have a moment of happiness you’re like, ‘Oh my god, am I gonna get judged for feeling happy? Like I shouldn’t feel happy.’”

Miller added, “It’s so conflicting, it’s one of the strangest things.”

In her confessional interview about the moment, Rizzo said that losing Saget has changed her in so many ways because it “doesn’t really get worse” than going through that trauma.

Miller spoke about grief in general during his confessional.

“I would say grief is probably the most effective at screwing you up,” he said. “When the worst possible thing you can imagine happens, you have to celebrate that you made it through. It’s wrong to say you found a silver lining, but you manage. You continue.”

Later in the show, during a swim-related challenge, Miller said that losing his daughter the way he did has actually helped his relationship with water.

“I think I was ignorant and had not enough respect or not enough awareness or knowledge about it before. And now I think I have fear and respect for it. But you have to know how to manage it,” Miller said.

Another difficult conversation was had later in the show between TV personality Jack Osbourne and the staff after Osbourne had a rough go during challenges. He admitted to feeling “worn down” and discussed his 2012 multiple sclerosis diagnosis, calling it “kind of like the monster in the closet.” He said it weighs in the back of his mind that he is letting people down by not being as physically fit. But the staff reminded him that they are only judging him by what his 100% is, nothing else.

Jack Osbourne (seen here with Tom Sandoval) talked about how his MS has gotten the better of him at times throughout 'Special Forces.' (Fox)
Jack Osbourne (seen here with Tom Sandoval) talked about how his MS has gotten the better of him at times throughout Special Forces. (Fox)

Who went home?

Before the episode even featured its first challenge, two celebrities did a voluntary withdrawal: former NBA champion Robert Horry and actor Brian Austin Green

Later in the show, a struggling Savannah Chrisley was brought in to talk to the staff. The 26-year-old opened up about her current family situation where her parents were sentenced to a combined 19 years in federal prison for financial crimes. And she talked about being the legal guardian to her 17-year-old brother and 10-year-old niece, saying how much she misses them.

“I just think for the first time in my life I just love two people more than I love myself,” Chrisley later said to her fellow recruits while mulling her decision.

And that decision came during a late-night, cold water challenge that required recruits to backward dive into the water. While everyone was changing their clothes for the challenge, Chrisley was not. She said to the staff, "I'm not doing this," explaining that she didn't want to put herself in a situation when she was not mentally there. And with that, she was gone.

Expanding on her reasoning for leaving with The Wrap, Chrisley said she was worried because of the lack of communication options.

"I wasn’t allowed to have a phone. So it was just really tough with all the transitions that we’ve had in life to just leave them. That’s what it came down to," she said.

Chrisley, Horry and Green joined the three celebs who left last week: former NFL player Dez Bryant, actress Tara Reid and reality star Blac Chyna.

Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Fox.