Southlake Police Help Rescue Dog From Frozen Pond

A dog in Southlake, Texas, is lucky to be alive after falling into an icy pond on Sunday, February 14.

Footage released by the Southlake Department of Public Safety shows police officers rescue Shadow, a black Labrador, from a frozen pond at White’s Chapel United Methodist Church.

According to the Facebook post, one officer – secured safely by ropes – was able to break a path through the ice to get to the dog as the dog’s owner went to get a pool float.

“Together they were able [to] hoist Shadow onto the float and have officers on shore pull Sergeant Music and the pool float back in with a rope,” the Facebook post said. “The bravery, courage, and teamwork between the entire police shift, Scott, and firefighters is to be commended.” Credit: Southlake Department of Public Safety via Storyful