Southern Charm’s Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green’s Relationship Timeline

Has Shep Rose found The One? The Southern Charm star introduced fans to Taylor Ann Green during season 7 and there’s no going back. “We had just started dating and it was basically a honeymoon season,” Rose exclusively told Us Weekly in June 2022 ahead of season 8. “We were just sort of off in the corner doing our own thing and, like, making each other laugh and now she’s, like, fully on the show and is friends — a lot better friends — with everybody, so she really blossoms.” The Average Expectations: Lessons in Lowering the Bar author has been part of the Bravo show since its 2014 premiere alongside Craig Conover, Kathryn Dennis, Whitney Sudler-Smith and former stars Cameran Eubanks and Thomas Ravenel. The season 8 cast also includes Naomie Olindo, Leva Bonaparte, Austen Kroll, Madison LeCroy and newcomer Olivia Flowers. “I knew that people were talking about us because I understand how the show works,” Rose told Us about the eighth installment. “When you think that, like, you're the center of attention, you can react in a number of different ways. And sometimes I didn't navigate that all that well.” The pair’s relationship will be tested when Kroll alleged that Rose doesn’t always speak to Green kindly. “I am an equal opportunity bastard, sometimes, and the way I was raised and the way my family is is that we were very blunt,” Rose told Us. “Austen's stipulation — and he’s right — he’s like, ‘Shep, I know that. I know how you feel about Taylor. That’s no secret but she is your girlfriend and sometimes you can be very gruff and that’s not how you're supposed to [act] and people on the outside don't understand that and it can look really bad.’ And he is right.” Despite any season 8 hiccups, Rose and Green were going strong. “I am trending in that direction,” he told Us about a potential engagement. “Let's put it that way. We've actually started to talk about it. We're both, like, nervous about the prospect for lots of different reasons, but I think that's natural.” Conover agreed, telling Us: “I think if Shep was gonna have a forever relationship, this is it. She actually likes Shep and loves him for who he really is. There's no, like, trying to change him or anything.” However, the two called it quits one month later, with a source telling Us in July that "it's over" between the pair. Scroll through for a timeline of their relationship: