Southern Charm’s Shep Rose Says Cheating on Taylor Ann Green Was ‘Fun’ Before Getting in Bed Together

Southern Charm’s Shep Rose Says Cheating on Taylor Ann Green Was ‘Fun’ Before Getting in Bed Together
Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green. Charles Sykes/Bravo (2)
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Shep Rose and ex Taylor Ann Green had a blowout fight on the newest episode of Southern Charm after Shep let it slip that he had “fun” cheating on her in the past.

“Don’t f–k with me Taylor,” Shep, 43, told his ex-girlfriend, 28, during the Thursday, November 9, episode after she congratulated pal Jarrett “JT” Thomas on beating Shep at a game of ping pong.

Taylor accused Shep of acting “jealous and controlling” toward her, which he denied. Shep then claimed that she “enjoyed the fact that I lost and then you rubbed it in my face.” As the twosome continued to argue, Shep asked, “Do you like poking the bear?” Taylor fired back, “Do you like cheating on me?”

A drunk Shep rolled his eyes and mumbled, “Sometimes it was fun,” which caused the entire group of friends to cringe. “Did you just say, ‘sometimes it was fun?’” Taylor asked. Although Shep denied saying it, she didn’t believe him.

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“Yeah, you f–king did, you piece of s–t,” Taylor yelled while throwing her glass of wine on Shep. “I want out of this f–king house,” she said before Olivia Flowers intercepted her and tried to calm her down.

Shep’s remark hit a nerve for Taylor, who accused him during the season 8 Southern Charm reunion in October 2022 of sleeping with “300 whores.” Taylor, who split from Shep in July 2022, previously claimed he cheated on her while they were together, which Shep owned up to in the past.

As Taylor spiraled in the kitchen during the new episode, Shep continued to lose his cool outside, going off on Austen Kroll for backing Taylor. (Earlier this season, Austen, 36, confessed to Shep that he kissed Taylor shortly after Shep and Taylor called it quits.)

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“Of course, Austen is against me because Austen’s been against me since day one. Because I’m the exact person you f–king wish you were,” Shep quipped as their friends looked on. “You’re so smug. You f–k up all the time but you do it privately because you never tell your friends. God forbid you were honest and real. So when you see someone else f–k up, you enjoy it."

Shep proceeded to find Taylor crying in the house and apologized for his actions. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. You made me mad, Taylor. You poked me,” he explained. “I was mad. I couldn’t believe you had taken someone else’s side after a loss.”

When Taylor pointed out that it clearly wasn’t just about ping pong, Shep admitted, “Obviously I’m upset about the Austen thing. I’ve been bottling it up. I haven’t said anything.”

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Despite hurting each other’s feelings, Shep and Taylor woke up in bed together the next morning. “You came in here just for Craig?” Shep playfully asked Taylor the next day, referring to his dog Little Craig, who was in between them. “Yeah, I did,” she teased.

As their friends speculated about what transpired between the exes — Olivia, 31, saw them in the bed and told Craig Conover and Austen — Shep and Taylor played coy. Shep called Taylor a “kissing bandit” before she asked him, “Does it make you sad sleeping in the same bed and not getting really get to actually sleep in the same bed?”

Shep claimed, “No, it doesn’t make me sad,” noting that Taylor has told him “time and time again, like, we shouldn’t do that. No, no, no!” seemingly referring to a post-breakup hookup.

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