Southern Charm Season 9 Reunion, Part 1 Recap: Another Unexpected Hookup Is Exposed

Southern Charm Season 9 reunion recap
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The Season finale of Southern Charm Season 9 was a lot, and to be honest, I didn’t need any of that boring filler stuff as the entire episode could have happily just been the grand opening of Whitney’s bar. This week, the two-part reunion kicked off, showing the Charmers getting hot under the collar. The group sits down with Andy to air their grievances.

Part 1 marks the first time JT or Austen have seen each other after the shoving and maybe headbutting that rocked the Bravoverse. Old playboy Shep will find himself in the hot seat, which isn’t exactly surprising. And former BFFs Taylor and Olivia rummage through the mess that was their former friendship. The scene was set when Taylor noted, “I’m wearing my Scarlet Letter. Owning up to everything.” Here we go! Here’s everything that went down in Southern Charm Season 9, Episode 16: “Reunion Part 1.”

Exorcise or exercise?

JT Thomas at the Southern Charm Season 9 reunion
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Here we are at the end of another Southern Charm season, and I am still a huge fan of JT. I know I am in the minority, but there is something about his presence that really helped stir the pot in Charleston, and I want another large serving of it. I pretty much was given a golden egg when JT tried to suggest that Austen needed an exorcism to rid him of his cheating ways.

Andy greeted the cast at the beginning of the tell-all like he always does and stupidly asked JT how he felt his first season had gone, noting he was going to have his reunion “cherry popped.”

Swerving the question, JT retorted, “I think I’m gonna perform the first ever f*ck boy exorcism. On him,” with the rookie pointing at the Trop Hop owner. “That demon’s coming out today, boy. I’m gonna work you.” I’m grabbing for my holy water as I write this. The power of JT compels you!

Southern Charm Season 9 Reunion, Part 1: Taylor vs. Olivia

Southern Charm Season 9 reunion Part 1 recap
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Undoubtedly, but deservingly, Taylor was given the villain edit for Season 9 after she decided it was no big deal to smooch on her best friend’s ex. I hate girls like this. Forgetting totally about girl code, Taylor tried her best to skate over how badly she had hurt Olivia, especially after her brother’s death. But the reunion was a time for reckoning, and that is precisely what Olivia had planned to do. Their exchange was fire, with both wearing red dresses.

The mama bear of the group, Leva, held Taylor’s feet to the coals. She reminded everyone, “​​You continued to lie to these two people the entire time. It makes all of us want to step back. That’s the problem.” The Republic owner had a point, as it became clear that Taylor just wasn’t willing to understand why Olivia wasn’t willing to forgive her. Taylor tried to defend herself, whimpering, “I understand the severity of hurting a friend, hurting an ex.”

Olivia is over Taylor

Southern Charm Season 9 reunion Part 1 recap
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Even though Craig tried to speak for Olivia, she quickly cut him off to set the record straight. She noted, “It’s not even the action that’s the problem. Not only cover it up, but then to try to make it like it was our fault for not understanding it was just a drunken moment after you had lied so many f*cking times to my face. Then, to expect me to hop on the forgiveness wagon. And because I didn’t, ya’ll proceeded to say I’m so tired of this.”

Olivia is literally seeing red as she explodes on the bible-beater cheater yelling, “Of course, you’re f*cking tired of this! Y’all are in the sh*t bed that you made. That’s where the problem is for me.” The best part, perhaps, is when Taylor tries to defend herself, which only leads to Olivia cutting her off by saying, “Shut up!” I’d say the friendship is way past its prime – wouldn’t you?

Shep needs backup from Cupid

Shep Rose at the Southern Charm Season 9 reunion, Part 1
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During the season finale, Taylor expressed hope that she and Shep might be able to reconcile even though she dangled Austen like a trout on the line in hopes of making her ex jealous. During the party, Shep noted that it was a “cool step” to be friends, dashing all hope Taylor had of a happily ever after. Andy made sure to ask Shep where their relationship stood now that the cameras had been turned off, with the silver spoon charmer sharing, “I mean, look, it’s really hard to have a relationship on camera, and it put a lot of strain on me and Taylor.”

While Shep was speaking his truth, Taylor looked bashful, as if she didn’t agree with the sentiment. Shep then spiraled as he once again poked at Craig for having an easier relationship because it was long distance, noting when “people pick at loose threads, things can go sideways.” The bottom line is that we can all agree that Shep and Taylor’s relationship is nothing like Craig and Paige’s. It’s literally like apples and oranges.

However, I was gobsmacked when Shep said that if there were no cameras, he would probably have married Taylor, revealing it was “the happiest time in his life.” Um, what? Stop. I can’t with this guy.

Part 1 of the Southern Charm Season 9 reunion’s most shocking moment

Taylor Ann Green
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After a lot of back and forth, Taylor showed fans who she really is as she outed Olivia for once hooking up with Thomas Ravenel. It was the most shocking moment in Part 1 of the Southern Charm Season 9 reunion. When Taylor clearly thought she had the higher ground, she said, “I’m just saying Olivia, forgive as you would want to be forgiven,” making it obvious there was a hidden secret between the two. Olivia called her bluff, encouraging her former BFF to share, noting, “Go ahead and say it. You’ve been hanging this over my head. I wanna see it. Say it!”

Eventually, Olivia revealed, “I was fresh out of college, 20 years old. Dumb. It was a drunken night. One time. I had a hookup with T-Rav. I wanted to take it to my grave, like, who wouldn’t?” The interesting part of all this is Madison once called out Olivia for the hook-up, which she denied, stating Thomas was just a family friend. First, what a low blow by Taylor. Second, it is becoming clear that Madison is a truth-teller who has been made to look crazy over the years.

A sober moment for Shep

Southern Charm Season 9 reunion, Part 1 recap
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I will say one of the most pivotal moments was Shep coming clean about his drinking and blackouts at BravoCon 2023. Evidently, his behavior has been pretty bad with Craig telling his friend “this road your on ends with a cliff. I can’t be in that car anymore.”

It wasn’t quite clear if there was a DUI issue or if Shep realized he needed to stop drinking, but whatever the case, I hope he gets the help he needs.

Southern Charm Season 9 concludes with Part 2 of the reunion, Thursday, January 18, at 8/7c on Bravo.


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