‘Southern Charm’ Reunion: Cameran Eubanks Bursts Into Tears While Apologizing to Kathryn Dennis (Exclusive)

Part one of the season five reunion turns emotional for the stars in ET’s exclusive first look.

Time heals all wounds. That, and Thomas Ravenel finally being out of the picture.

In ET’s exclusive first look at part one of the two-part Southern Charm season five reunion, Cameran Eubanks bursts into tears while speaking with longtime frenemy Kathryn Dennis. While the two didn’t interact much throughout the season, it appears watching back the episodes had a major impact on Cam.

“I just can’t imagine what you’ve been through as a mom, and not having support around you in that time in your life,” she tells Kathryn. “And then, to have all this s**t you had to go through on top of it, it makes me feel sick.”

Kathryn, of course, has been locked in a years-long and somewhat contentious custody battle with the father of her children, Thomas, with Thomas subjecting her to random drug tests as part of their agreement. On top of that, Kathryn had to put up with verbal attacks about her parenting from Thomas’ new girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, throughout season five. Thomas never once publicly defended Kathryn against Ashley.

“It means a lot to hear that,” Kathryn tells Cameran. “I’ve had a lot of resentment and anger, I guess, because I felt like I was treated unfairly. But, I know that Thomas is super convincing and to have you say that, like, finally gives me affirmation that I wasn’t the crazy one. Finally, you guys see it. He’s shown you guys on his own. I knew nature would take its course, or whatever. And, I just appreciate being in a place where you guys understand me, because I think feeling so misunderstood for so long feels even… I don’t know.”

See the emotional exchange here:

Ashley will appear on part two of the reunion, while Thomas will not appear at all. Host Andy Cohen has said it was a “mutual decision” between the network and the reality star, after multiple women came forward accusing the 55-year-old of sexual misconduct, allegations he has denied.

“I mean, I think she’s grown up,” Cameran goes on to say about Kathryn. “She’s been through more than all of us put together, and the fact that you’re able to sit here and be so poised and calm and put together, with the pure hell that you have been through? I mean, it says a lot about you. It really does, Kathryn. It really does, and I think, in the end, you’re gonna have the last laugh, and you’re gonna look back on all of this and it’s gonna make sense. I really do.”

Cameran’s change of heart echoes the change seen in the majority of Kathryn’s co-stars this year. Craig Conover opened up to ET about the “new Kathryn” back in May.

“She’s not the ‘crazy one’ all of a sudden!” he shared. “It’s kind of cool … She was always normal to me, but she’s not, like, this polarizing, negative person anymore. She looks – not looks – she is the sane one.”

Part one of the Southern Charm reunion airs Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. For more on the season, check out the video and links below.


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