Southern Charm’s Olivia Flowers Shares Family Update Eight Months After Brother’s Death

Southern Charm Olivia Flowers
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How Olivia Flowers pushed herself to continue filming Southern Charm after the tragic loss of her brother, Conner, is a mystery. Her co-stars, Leva Bonaparte and Venita Aspen, literally sat down to dinner when they found out that their friend had just lost her brother.

The cast rallied around Olivia. And even Austen Kroll showed up in a big way for his former fling. The Southern Charm beauty seemed to be holding it together. But now, eight months later, she is giving an update on the reality of living without Conner.

Olivia spoke of being known as “Conner’s sister”

“It’s just a completely new life that we’re having to adjust to,” Olivia exclusively told E! News. “I feel like after season nine, it was like the dust finally settled. Looking back during filming I don’t even really remember conversations that I was having, it’s all just such a blur. When the dust settles honestly is when it gets the hardest because you’re not as busy and we struggle every day.”

Olivia credited her ex-boyfriend’s support during her time of grief. Of course, Austen more than anyone would understand the pain of losing a sibling as he had lost his own sister years prior.

“Austen — very much like the rest of the cast — really stepped up,” she explained. “He was there for me just like the rest of the cast. They all were at the funeral. He came dropped off food. He was there to talk and I really appreciated that.”

Olivia said “it was overwhelming to see how many lives he touched,” adding that people “I’ve never even met come through on social media saying the same thing like, ‘He’s so sweet and kind and just wanted to help everyone.'”

Not only did Olivia lose a best friend, but also a confidant. She spoke of the advice she often got from Conner, even regarding her participation in reality TV.

“He would help me going into stuff. He’d be like, ‘Just be honest about this,'” Olivia shared. “He was always my advisory on how to navigate the waters of Charm.”

The silver lining in the midt of the tragedy is the impact that Conner had in his short life. And clearly, he is remembered by many.

Olivia said, “I’ve always, always been known as his little sister. Anyone I meet it’s like, ‘Oh, you’re Conner’s sister,’ and that was something I always cherished. When I was little, it was such like a cool card. He had the best heart and he was very kind and sweet.”

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