Southern Charm’s Austen Kroll Admits He’s Not ‘Too Thrilled’ Watching Ex Olivia Flowers, Rod Razavi Flirt

Southern Charm s Austen Kroll Admits He s Not Too Thrilled Watching Ex Olivia Flowers Rod Razavi Flirt 487
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Austen Kroll admitted on the latest episode of Southern Charm that he is not happy to see Olivia Flowers move on with Rod Razavi after their split.

“Watching Rod and Olivia together … I think that the whole thing is weird,” Austen, 36, confessed during the Thursday, October 26, episode of the Bravo series.

As Austen watched his ex-girlfriend, 31, flirt with Rod from across the room at a group dinner, he added, “I’m not really too thrilled with it.” Throughout the night, Austen continued keep an eye on Olivia while she giggled and cozied up to Rod.

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While Olivia seemed to be on good terms with Austen, she confided in Rod that she hasn’t fully forgiven him for kissing her BFF Taylor Ann Green while they were working out their own relationship.

“I expected this from Austen. I didn’t expect it from Taylor,” Olivia said, referring to the infamous smooch. “So, it’s easy to mend with Austen.” She then clarified, “I’m not forgiving him but that cut's not as deep [as it is with Taylor].” Olivia further explained that it’s her relationship with Taylor, 28, is what she’s “trying to put back together.”

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Austen and Taylor sparked hookup rumors in early 2023 but denied they were intimate for months. During an October episode of the Bravo series, both Austen and Taylor confirmed that they had in fact kissed in late 2022.

The brief fling caused issues among their friends as Austen is close with Taylor’s ex Shep Rose, whom she dated for two years before calling it quits in July 2022. Not to mention, Taylor was Olivia’s shoulder to cry on after she broke up with Austen in fall 2022.

Southern Charm Austen Kroll Olivia Flowers Relationship Timeline Taylor Ann Green Shep Rose
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Viewers have watched all season as Olivia and Shep, 43, have navigated the drama between Austen and Taylor. Olivia went as far as to yell at Austen for being a bad friend before giving him a brief pass when he stepped up and helped her process the loss of her brother, Connor. (Connor died in January at the age of 32.)

Rod, for his part, confessed to Olivia on Thursday’s episode that he wasn’t surprised by Austen’s ever-changing story about his relationship with Taylor. “I’m used to how they play. I like to live by a code and handle myself a certain way,” Rod explained, to which Olivia said, “It’s called values and morals.”

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The season 9 newbie smiled in agreement, telling Olivia, “Austen likes to sound like he’s doing that and maybe snake around a little.” Rod continued slam Austen in his confessional, saying, “Austen’s decision making is all about him. He’s always the victim in his eyes. And he’s always the cause of the problem, every time.”

Rod ended his date with Olivia by joking about Austen’s shady past. “I can promise you I won’t make out with Taylor Ann … assuming this goes anywhere,” Rod quipped, which prompted a belly laugh from Olivia.

Southern Charm airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.