A South Carolina Police Officer Recovered an Engagement Ring That Was Dropped in a Sewage Drain

Master Police Officer Maddox went out of her way to retrieve the special jewel.

<p>Jamie Grill / Getty Images</p>

Jamie Grill / Getty Images

Not only are engagement rings valuable pieces of jewelry with hefty price tags, but they’re also special symbols of a couple’s lifelong commitment to one another. When a woman in South Carolina dropped her three-stone diamond sparkler down a sewage drain, Master Police Officer Maddox from the Columbia Police Department saved the day. According to the department, Maddox volunteered to retrieve the precious gemstone. Sergeant Delange and Corporal Robinson also accompanied the officer on her search mission. After digging through the drainage area, Maddox retrieved the rock. Officers say the woman was so happy Maddox went out of her way to find the ring, which is now securely placed on her left hand.

After the miraculous find, the Columbia Police Department posted about the feel-good moment on Instagram on March 18, 2023. “The 🍀 luck of the Irish for real, y’all!” the caption begins. “Show some love 💕 to Master Police Officer Maddox for helping a young lady recover her engagement ring 💍 that fell down a drainage area! Needless to say, everyone was relieved that the diamond was placed back on the ring finger. 🤭Maddox really took one for the team — the recruiting team w/the help of Sgt. Delage & Cpl. Robinson.” The department also took it as an opportunity to share that they’re hiring.

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On March 16, 2023, another woman named Joanna Vink was reunited with her engagement ring after dropping it into the Parramatta River in Sydney, Australia, 18 months beforehand. In September of 2021, Joanna’s century-old diamond ring fell into the body of water after she held the accessory with pursed lips while reapplying sunscreen on her family's boat. Immediately, Joanna took pictures of the boat’s location, informed her husband, Michael Vink, about the misfortune, and reached out to professionals to help her retrieve the missing ring.

According to Yahoo! News Australia, Joanna and Michael arranged three different professional search missions, but not one of them ended successfully, despite hours of digging. Even Michael tried using a scoop pool net to recover the jewel, but there was no such luck. “It’s like losing the ring all over again any time someone tries to look for it,” Joanna admits.

In March of 2023, a metal detecting scuba diver named Nick Richards reached out to the couple on Instagram after hearing their story and expressed that he wanted to help. With assistance from his friend Stuart Allan, Richards swam through the river with little visibility for six hours. “I think anyone that gets an invitation to dive in the Parramatta River is best to have an excuse ready,” Richards jokes. “It’s not pleasant by any stretch. I think it’s a sense of adventure that makes me want to do it.” After receiving a signal from his metal detector, the scuba diver found the lost jewel, which he says was an “indescribably good” feeling. The antique ring is now back on Joanna’s ring finger, and she says it feels like being reunited with a long-lost friend. “I’m so delighted to have it back,” she expresses.

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