Sources Say Kate Middleton Might Not Appear in Public for the Rest of 2024

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Kate Might Not Appear in Public Until 2025Andy Cheung - Getty Images

Kate Middleton reportedly may not appear in public for the rest of 2024.

This claim comes from a source who spoke to the Daily Beast, saying that when it comes to putting together the royal family's calendar, “lots of people involved in planning need to know what all the principals are doing a long way in advance. I am told that Kate’s diary for this year is empty. There is nothing planned. She may not appear in public for the rest of the year.”

The source noted that the Palace is aware a prolonged absence may lead to more conspiracy theories: “I would not rule out another video message updating the country on her health," the insider said. "That proved to be a very effective way of keeping the conspiracy theorists at bay.”

Kate and William are reportedly planning to spend their kids' holiday break at their country home in Sandringham, and a friend says the Princess of Wales is focused on R&R. “The key thing for her now is avoiding any kind of stress or anxiety and just getting on with the business of getting better. They will bail out and be off to Sandringham the moment school breaks up.”

"The circle of trust is tiny," the source adds. "She has been surrounded by Carole and Michael, and Pippa and James have obviously been there for her as well. They are an incredibly tight family, and Catherine feels absolutely confident relying on them. They have been there for her for decades and never let her down.”

Parents at the school where the Waleses send their kids say Princess Kate hasn't been seen at events lately—but one person notes that “there have been rumors she has done drop-off," adding "We all feel very protective of her. Ask anyone at the school—they are amazing parents."

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