Soulja Boy plans to launch an app after blasting Elon Musk over Twitter takeover

Soulja Boy, Elon Musk
Soulja Boy, Elon Musk

Soulja Boy’s innovative pursuits know no bounds, and nothing is going to stop him — especially not Elon Musk and the train wreck happening on Twitter.

The “Crank That” pioneer is ready to take on the world of social media with his own app. The musician’s decision to develop his own app came on the heels of Musk’s recent Twitter acquisition and the subsequent rollout of changes that have sent users into a frenzy.

Big Draco took aim at the platform’s new owner on Friday (Nov. 11), tweeting, “Bro, leave Twitter alone [Elon Musk] wtf are you doing?” In a follow-up tweet, he wrote, “Wow…I can’t believe this. F**k it, I’m going to create my own app.” In his final tweet, Soulja Boy bid his 5.5 million followers adieu and told them to “catch me on Instagram until my app launches.”

The recent changes to Twitter under Musk’s authority have been facing criticism ever since he made the blue check verification a paid subscription available to all users — a change that lasted only a few days before the service was suspended.

Since the verification change took place, several public figures and news outlets’ accounts have been parodied, tweeting all sorts of fake news.

Other users who are dissatisfied with the direction of the bird app have resorted to trolling the Tesla founder over his leadership of the social media platform. But would Soulja Boy be able to offer an app that can attract users? Social media users were split on the potential app’s capabilities.

“He gone be the first rapper to launch their own app and fail. Let him do it,” wrote one person. “We need Black-owned everything on that subject! And black-owned social media, I’m surprised Black celebrities haven’t been done this,” wrote another.

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